• Child beggars: To give or not to give is the daily dilemma facing motorists. We discuss the cold hard facts on this topic in the May 2017 issue of Servamus.

  • The members of the Gauteng Serial and Electronic Crime FCS Investigations (SECI) Unit have the difficult task to investigate serial rapists and those responsible for distributing child pornography. We tell you more about their work in the May 2017 issue of Servamus.

  • Too many children fall victim to bullying. You need to bullyproof your child and your child’s school also know what steps they can take. We give a variety of tips in the May 2017 issue of Servamus.

  • The SAPS welcomes the new Minister and Deputy Minister of Police. But what are their challenges? We reveal some of the many challenges they face in the May 2017 issue of Servamus.

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Servamus - May 2017

Over the Easter weekend of 2017 the world was shocked when a video was uploaded to Facebook, showing the 74-year-old Robert Godwin being gunned down by a stranger on 16 April 2017 in the US city of Cleveland.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
Abby, a 14-year-old girl from a poor family, was walking in the street when a man approached her and told her that she is beautiful.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
Child pornography has found a welcoming home on the Internet, as it provides a place for individuals to create, access and share child sexual abuse images worldwide at the click of a button.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
Social media has made a huge contribution to creating awareness of bullying - not only physical or verbal bullying, but also cyberbullying.
By Annalise Kempen

Pollex - May 2017

Read More - S V Seedat 2015 (2) SACR 612 (GP)
The accused, Mr Seedat, was 63 years of age at the time of his conviction and sentence, while the complainant was a 57-year-old woman.
Mr Robert Mzikayise Fisa, hereinafter referred to as the plaintiff (Afrikaans: “eiser”), claimed damages from the Minister of Police, hereinafter referred to as the defendant (Afrikaans: “verweerder”), before the High Court in East London, in the Eastern Cape Province (“the trial court”), arising from his alleged unlawful arrest, detention and assault by members of the SAPS.

Letters - May 2017

A letter was recently circulated under the heading Applications for Bursary: SAPS Senior Management (Brigadiers to Generals): SASSETA Funded Project.
Ek het aanvanklik gedink om die storie vir myself te hou - julle weet ons SAPD-lede het so bietjie van ‘n macho-houding, maar ek voel dit sal verkeerd wees as ek dit nie deel nie.
Congratulation to W/O M A Mokoena from Bethlehem who won the Roots and All book following the competition published in February 2017.
May 2017 Magazine Cover

Servamus' Mission

The publication’s strategic business goals are to establish greater involvement and effective communication between the different role-players within the broader policing environment, publish a magazine which is aimed at satisfying/addressing the needs of the subscribers and broader community and to strive towards excellent journalism.