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Servamus - July 2016

Residential Estate Security in the spotlight.
By Annalise Kempen
Rape and assaults in a secure environment - focusing on campus rape.
By Kotie Geldenhuys
Electric fences - do you comply with the regulations?
By Annalise Kempen
Reliable access control is a “click” away.
By Annalise Kempen

Pollex - July 2016

We continue this series with the publication of another case in which police officials’ actions led to civil action.
Read More - Loureiro and Others v iMvula Quality Protection (Pty) Ltd 2014 (3) SA 394 (CC)
In this civil matter between the applicants - four members of the Loureiro family - and the respondent (Afrikaans: “verweerder”) - the security service provider iMvula Quality Protection (Pty) Ltd - before the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg (hereinafter referred to as the “Concourt”), the Concourt unanimously (as per all ten presiding judges) made a few introductory remarks that provide food for thought.

Letters - July 2016

I am writing this in response to the article entitled “Reservists” in the April issue of Servamus.

Prior to responding to the article, I feel that it's important to provide some context. I have a degree in Human Resources and a Master in Business Management from Cardiff University in Wales. I've consulted and worked for 11 blue chip JSE-listed companies and am currently responsible for leadership and management development in a large international. I have worked in 14 countries and am qualified as a paramedic, as well as in scuba and parachuting. I'm married and a father to five.

I am also a police reservist with close on 25 years' experience in the SAPS and hold the rank of captain. I have worked at station, area/cluster and provincial level, not to mention in specialised units and two provinces. I have trained thousands of reservists and thus feel "qualified" to offer an opinion.

July 2016 Magazine Cover

Servamus' Mission

The publication’s strategic business goals are to establish greater involvement and effective communication between the different role-players within the broader policing environment, publish a magazine which is aimed at satisfying/addressing the needs of the subscribers and broader community and to strive towards excellent journalism.